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Our Mission Trips

The Wesley Foundation at Howard is looking for individuals who understand the meaning of servant-leadership. You don’t have to be affiliated with a church, all you have to have is a willing heart for all people. Serving on a Mission Trip will allow you to experience a life-changing event in serving. If you are interested contact us.

Other Trips


Be inspired and learn how to live a life of faith authentic to you. LIT is a weekend conference that connects HBCU students of faith to resources, seminaries, and innovative leaders.

No-Tech (Spring) Retreat

We are wedded to our phones, but is God calling you and can’t get through? Feeling overwhelmed with classes and disconnected from God? Maybe the non-technology retreat is for you. Spend a weekend with us at one of the United Methodist Retreat spaces. Watch the sunrise, experience a fireside chat with others, and see what God needs from you.

Africa University Immersion

Immerse yourself in another culture, meet young adults from the continent of Africa, explore how they live out their faith.